Sunday, November 13, 2005

Lower Manhattan

Several weeks ago, I helped move a futon for a friend of my brother's. He had just moved into an apartment in Lower Manhattan with his partner. He's German and works in online finance, so he's flexible where he could live. He's not quite as flexible as to where he could afford, though, and as he tells it, the only place in Manhattan he could find that he could afford was in a building right next to the World Trade Center site. I don't know if that's the reason why it was cheaper, or because there's going to be construction next door for a long while. In any case, he doesn't have a view of the site, but the building really is directly south of the site.

October 20, 2005 - the WTC site is on the other side of that walkway. Those two similar looking buildings are the World Financial Center buildings.

The building had been damaged, but has been repaired and recently opened for tenants.

current sounds (last 10 songs shuffled on iTunes):
1. Papillon (Rilo Kiley)
2. I Don't Want U (Blonde Redhead)
3. Whipping (Pearl Jam)
4. Shiver (Coldplay)
5. The Meeting Place (XTC)
6. Mama (live) (Genesis)
7. The Hem Around Us (Shannon Wright)
8. Big Business (David Byrne)
9. Carry That Weight (The Beatles)
10. Friends (The Police)

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