Friday, November 04, 2005


You know, it's really great when you go out shooting and you finish a roll, and you take the roll to a one hour photo place and you get the roll back and scan the negatives the same day. Boom, you have photos of the same day at your disposal.

For instance, today I went on a bike adventure to Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, territory that was totally new to me since when I go to New York, I rarely get out of Manhattan. Got an untimely flat, too, but that's another story. Today's outing took preparation. Consideration. And when I do that, I make a pile:

- Pentax ZX-5n w/$18 28-80mm lens, loaded with XP2 Super black and white film
- red filter for the Pentax
- digital camera
- iPod
- shakuhachi (cemeteries are nice places to play)
- watch
- keys
- wallet
- coins
- phone
- 2 spare rolls of XP2 Super and 2 rolls of Fuji color

Two things that aren't in the shot:
- Lomo fisheye, for obvious reasons
- BIKE PUMP (more on that later)

But this entry is not about today's outing, because I'm still not done with the previous roll of film I shot. I didn't think I'd be finishing off rolls of lomo so quickly. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to segue into any previous shots.

Well, in my last posting, I mentioned the curved road sign that I stopped to shoot yesterday. Here it is in full Autumn glory:

November 2, 2005 - You can barely even see the sign. I thought I was much closer to the sign, but apparently not. I was much closer in the previous shot. Fisheye weirdness.

Well, now that I've posted a shot from yesterday's ride, here's another from yesterday's ride:

I had never seen these ruins before on the banks of the Hudson, but this is just a teaser. I have more shots that I'll post later. Sorry, this was a mess of a post :p

current sounds (last 10 songs shuffled on iTunes):
1. Please Do Not Go (Violent Femmes)
2. Good Good Feeling (Wes Cunningham)
3. Beautiful Night (Ani DiFranco)
4. Stand In Traffic (Skip Holiday)
5. I Saw 3 (Tara Jane O'Neil)
6. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) (Marvin Gaye)
7. My Name (Oliver!)
8. Oceanbound (764-HERO)
9. The Kill (Fugazi)
10. Roxanne (live) (The Police)


joyce said...

i just love fall, almost as much as winter. :) our aspen trees are taking their sweet time turning and shedding, which worries me. i just hope they lose their leaves before the next snow. no more broken trees please!
p.s. i like the all-over randomness of your post. it keeps up with my mild ADD. :P

keauxgeigh said...

I would've thought your trees would all be barren by now. Funny hearing you talk about fall and winter, being a bay area girl :).

Glad to help your ADD. I just don't want to contribute to your RLS (restless leg syndrome).