Thursday, November 24, 2005

Shots from November 10

I had to get photos for a new Taiwanese passport several weeks ago. I rode my bike since that's been my main form of transportation for so long, but this is the first Winter I'm riding into. Don't know how long it will last. That day was the first getting cold day, so it was sort of a test. It was still OK that day, but I had too many layers and was sweating uncomfortably by the time I got back.


Castle Drive, just down the road from my parents' house.

New Jersey being so bike-unfriendly, I use the backroads to get to Fort Lee. This really isn't a Dead End, the road goes through. Remember, this is New Jersey. When I drive through here with other people in the car, I say, "aw, nuts! it's a dead end" and then just drive through. Even if we've been through there a hundred times. Don't ask about the shopping cart. Remember, this is New Jersey.

Crossing the highway approach to the George Washington Bridge.

The passport photos took 10 minutes to process, so I stepped out for some light shooting:

That was supposed to be a cold day. Today was the first day that I deemed too cold to go on my 20 mile default ride. Artic blast coming in over the next few days. I might not be able to do that ride again until Saturday, when temps get back into the 40s.

current sounds:
1. Rastaman Chant (The Wailers)
2. Now (Edie Brickell & New Bohemians)
3. Tali Lama (Victor Wooten)
4. Raining (Skip Holiday)
5. Line Up (Elastica)
6. Worms and Angels (Echobelly)
7. Pompeii (Sleater-Kinney)
8. Sabbath Prayer ("Fiddler On the Roof")
9. Vera (Pink Floyd)
10. Tripping Billies (Dave Matthews Band)

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