Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Finishing off that ride...

November 16, 2005:




I was getting comfortable riding and shooting and was cruising along with my hands off the bars.

I'm glad I didn't post these earlier, when I got the film developed and scanned and edited. I did my usual edit of adjusting contrast, brightness, and saturation, blowing them out to some degree, but they just weren't satisfying. After sitting in a folder for a while, I realized it was because I went too far and the shots looked manipulated. Fake. Certain pixel groups were popping out because of the color accents of late Autumn, when most things have turned brown except for a few cheery die-hards. So I toned them down and went for more what the scenes felt like - muted and dreary.

Again, I don't feel I do any manipulations beyond what I would do if I were printing the shots myself in a darkroom. I've never printed color, but I'm pretty sure brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue are within adjustment parameters in a darkroom, and I don't even mess with hue.

current soundtrack: last 10 songs shuffled on iTunes
1. Blade of Grass (Versus)
2. Glitter of Love (Versus)
3. Cello Suite No. 3, II - Allemande (Bach - Yo Yo Ma)
4. Symphony No. 24 in Bb, II - Andante grazioso (Mozart)
5. The Light from a Cake (Camper Van Beethoven)
6. Cocksure Whistler (The Aislers Set)
7. Should I Stay or Should I Go? (The Clash)
8. Oh Lady, Be Good (Ella Fitzgerald)
9. Monty Got a Raw Deal (R.E.M.)
10. Loaded Painted Red (764-HERO)

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