Sunday, January 29, 2006

Riverside Square Mall

December 10, 2005 - New Jersey is locally known as a mallrat paradise. It's not really deserved since malls are everywhere. Not that that has anything to do with this lomo, since this is an exterior shot. I remember it was a cold day and this was late in the afternoon a few days after a snowfall. Not particularly exciting.

So here's a black and white from the same day, outside the same mall, as a bonus. The river that the mall is on the side of is the Hackensack River. Real original.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Only Shallow (My Bloody Valentine)
2. Medicine (The Sundays)
3. Rocket (Smashing Pumpkins)
4. Pervertimento for Bagpipes, Bicycle, and Balloon (P.D.Q. Bach)
5. Tripping Billies (Dave Matthews Band)
6. Last Single X-mas (Yuko Hara)
7. Collideascope (Dukes of Stratosphear)
8. Wear Two Eyes (Boom) (June of 44)
9. Soul Soldier (Throwing Muses)
10. Finale ("Company" - Sondheim)

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