Sunday, March 05, 2006

Taipei, Taiwan

March 3, 2006 - Yea, so I'm in Taiwan now. I just got this roll developed and there are still pre-Taiwan shots that I'll get to, I'm sure, but since I'm in this new place, I thought I'd start posting of the new place.

This is an elevated footbridge connecting all four corners at the intersection of Heping East Road and Xin Sheng Road. It's less than half a block from where I live, and I use it almost everyday to get to school (studying Mandarin). That wee spire in the distance is the Taipei 101 building, currently the tallest building in the world, to be superceded in several years by a taller building in Shanghai, which might be superceded by the replacement building at the World Trade Center site in New York, but at the rate it's going, that won't be completed until terrorists win the war on terror.

If you've seen the movie Yi Yi, there is a shot of this footbridge in one scene.

I'm pretty sure this is a roll of expired Fuji Superia film because the whole roll has an "interesting" quality to it.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. The Sound of Business (David Byrne)
2. Stay With Me (Melodie & 12 O'Clock)
3. No. 13 Baby (The Pixies)
4. Symphony No. 2, I. Adagio molto-Allegro con brio (Beethoven)
5. I Looked at You (The Doors)
6. The Ballad of Johnny Burma (Mission of Burma)
7. Speed of Life (David Bowie)
8. Pantomime (Engine Down)
9. Kayleigh (Marillion)
10. Old Old Song (Ani DiFranco)

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