Sunday, May 14, 2006

Descent (into madness - last week of term)

April 5, 2006 - Planes landing at Songshan Airport. It was cool to be riding by and suddenly have these planes landing overhead. It might be not-so-cool to live in the area. This was pretty late in the day, and I was ready to head home. I did a later excursion, looking for a better vantage view of the take-offs and landings.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Come Dancing (The Kinks)
2. Hang On To Yourself (David Bowie)
3. John Hardy's Wife (Duke Ellington) (not, mind you, John's Hardy Wife)
4. Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee ("Grease")
5. Always, Always You ("Carnival")
6. Ramble On Rose (The Grateful Dead)
7. Hikui Isu (Low Chair) (Saboten)
8. The Great Escape/The Last of You/Fallin' From the Moon (Marillion)
9. Sickbed (Rainer Maria)
10. Radio W-OO-Ten (Victor Wooten)


joyce said...

aw...take offs and landings!! :)

when we lived in south city, our condo was directly in the flight path of the planes leaving SFO. it SUCKED. and in pleasanton, we were far far away from any planes. it was GREAT! and now, we live just a few miles from a really small airport that mostly has little single engines and commuter planes. it's not nearly as bad as south city, but it still kinda sucks. :(

keauxgeigh said...

Yea it must suck missing lines from tv shows every few minutes! In New Jersey, flights regularly passed overhead. They weren't low enough to suck, but they were a constant presence. I thought that was normal. It sucked when trying to record music parts with a microphone, timing hitting the record button between flights, and hoping I could get a part down before the next flight. those were the days.