Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dragon Boat Races

May 26, 2006 - Back in Taipei, between the Spring and Summer semesters conveniently landed the Dragon Boat Races, in which our language school contributed a team. The races were held on the Key Lime River (Keelung, actually - ed.) with the starting line under the Dazhi Bridge (shown):

A distant shot of the Dazhi Bridge with a Dragon Boat probably fresh from a victory. The Key LIme River runs east-west and is a tributary of the Danshuei River, which is the main south-north river that drains into the Pacific Ocean from Taipei. The Key Lime River divides Taipei into the southern "Taipei proper" sections and the northern "suburbs" sections.

Sneaking lomo fisheye shots of Hyun Ae, a classmate and friend at best (but we know what eventually happens to all my friends):

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Crosseyed and Painless (live) (Talking Heads)
2. Trampled Underfoot (Led Zeppelin)
3. Harlequin (Genesis)
4. Blues In the Night (Ella Fitzgerald)
5. Rinto Suru (Chitose Hajime)
6. I Hate Him ("Carnival")
7. Soul Love (live) (David Bowie)
8. White Trash Moon (Kristin Hersh)
9. Keep Calling My Baby (Sahara Hotnights)
10. Off He Goes (Pearl Jam)


joyce said...

how fun! we recently went to the colorado dragon boat festival and it looked sooo fun! i'm trying to figure out a way to convince my company to sponsor a boat so i can be on a team next year!! :)

keauxgeigh said...

that would be awesome. I hear training can be hard work, but my cousin's wife in Kaohsiung joined a team and said it was really fun. They did pretty well and wons some money, too!