Friday, August 04, 2006

Internet is down at home. Again! Bah! Argh! Blargh! For more than a week! Is this acceptable? I think about moving every time the internet goes down. Is that a reasonable response? But I need the internet to look for a new place, so I always tell myself that I'll start looking for a new place once internet is back up. But then when the internet comes back, I'm happy and tell myself I'll give the landlady one more chance. I think that's not a reasonable response.

In other news, I got a new roll of lomo developed today, so I'll get back to posting once internet comes back up (and I move).

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Tea in the Sahara (live) (The Police)
2. Yo Yo Yo (Please Don't Fall In Love) (+/-)
3. Gethsemane (Peter Gabriel - "The Last Temptation of Christ")
4. Solitude (Ella Fitzgerald)
5. Wild Honey (U2)
6. Regina (The Sugarcubes)
7. Up For the Down Stroke (Parliament)
8. What's A Telephone Bill? (Bootsy Collins)
9. The Place We Want To Be (Sakura)
10. Strawberry Fields Forever (demo sequence) (The Beatles)

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