Friday, September 22, 2006

Main Station

July 6, 2006 - Taipei Main Railway Station, Zhongxiao Road. Nice, rare afternoon sun, making Taipei prettier than I've experienced. On that day I was on one of several trips to the main police station to extend my visa. In Taiwan, they will always find something trivial wrong with what you brought, necessitating multiple trips to do something simple as extending a visa. I've learned to expect nothing from the Taiwanese bureaucracy, and it often renders getting something a hollow victory.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Where is Love? ("Oliver!")
2. Lady Blues (Yuko Hara)
3. Reflect (Frente!)
4. Brandenburg Concerto No. 1, III. Menuet (J.S. Bach)
5. Method of Sleeping (Shannon Wright)
6. Tamburitza Lingua (Ani DiFranco)
7. Pennies (Smashing Pumpkins)
8. Underground (Tom Waits)
9. Ziggy Stardust (live) (David Bowie)
10. Blinded By the Light (Bruce Springsteen)


ocgal22 said...

there is a really good beef noodle soup joint around that area behind the Sheraton -- i'm going to have to find the name and send it to you . . .

keauxgeigh said...

definitely do! one of my classmates mentioned a ็‰›่‚‰้บต place around main station, but hasn't been able to point out where it is. Next time you're here, we can go.