Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sad bikes

June 22, 2006 - Sad bikes in front of the Shida University Student Activities building, Heping East Road, Taipei, Taiwan. The one behind the red one looks embedded in that bush.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Form and File (Archers of Loaf)
2. Tinfoil (Rainer Maria)
3. Fascination (David Bowie)
4. Each Tomorrow Morning ("Dear World")
5. One of My Turns (live) (Pink Floyd)
6. Blue Serge (Duke Ellington)
7. Polythene Pam (The Beatles)
8. Down By the Water (PJ Harvey)
9. One Love/People Get Ready (Bob Marley & the Wailers)
10. Toga ("Haibane Renmei")


joyce said...

i didn't even notice the other bike til you said something. how sad.

keauxgeigh said...

It took me a while to see it, too. I've got a few more sad bike lomos coming up.