Sunday, October 15, 2006

I See Dead People...

July 21, 2006 - Shida Mandarin Training Center, sixth sense floor. Rounding out school shots, here's a shot of what should be referred to as the "place of great evil". Students armor up to go in here to battle the school registration/administration bureaucracy which makes the New Jersey DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) look like a cafeteria lunch line.

Everyone who works there needs to be fired, shot, or sent to multi-cultural sensitivity training classes. They're rude to you even when taking your money. And when you give them money, don't entertain any idea of ever getting it back for any reason. Sucky tutor? Too bad. Useless "cultural" class? You're stuck.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Pneuma (50 Foot Wave)
2. Going to California (Led Zeppelin)
3. Chelsea Bridge (Duke Ellington)
4. Getting Closer (Wings)
5. You and Whose Army? (Radiohead)
6. String Quartet No. 8, V. Largo (Shostakovich)
7. Nirujarini (Shoukichi Kina & Champloose)
8. Da Da Da (Elastica)
9. Funkytown (Lipps, Inc.)
10. A Place to Call My Own (Genesis)

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