Saturday, February 17, 2007

Victoria Peak

December 21, 2006 - See that structure? The Peak Tram terminus is in the base. Then you start going up escalator after escalator until you wonder what's going. Finally, you reach the top and you're on the roof, and that's where the panoramic view is from. That thing was made for panoramic views of Hong Kong!

It was only after coming down and exiting the structure that I saw what a monument it is!

Revisiting the panoramic view, this time with unsuspecting visitors. Again, shooting like this, from their perspective, it doesn't look at all like I'm shooting at them or that they're in my shot.

For some reason, I got in the mood of just shooting random people on the roof. I felt like a postal worker. I'm not good at getting in peoples' faces and shooting them without permission, but it's easy with the fisheye. I just hold the camera level and discreetly push the shutter when I have a subject, and people are none the wiser.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. April Come She Will (live) (Simon & Garfunkel)
2. Softer, Softest (Hole)
3. Food, Glorious, Food ("Oliver!")
4. Help Me, Mary (Liz Phair)
5. Nigai Namida (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra)
6. Hot Fun in the Summer Time (Sly & the Family Stone)
7. Sweet Soul Revue (Pizzicato Five)
8. Red Mosquito (live) (Pearl Jam)
9. Knuckle Down (XTC)
10. Boulevard Star (Delinquent Habits)


Joshua Samuel Brown said...

Lomo, love your work. Lets swap links, OK? I'm

Once this book is done I'm devoting myself to photography. And windsurfing!


joyce said...

wow, that's really cool...i never would've guessed those shots were from the top of a building. i thought you were on some mountain-side!

ocgal22 said...

Wow, you can see the sky! Last couple of times I was in HK, the pollution was so thick that you couldn't see anything off the peak!