Monday, February 26, 2007


December 25, 2006 - Yes, we had class on Christmas. I'm not big on celebrating holidays, so it wasn't hard to adjust. There are these two mellow dogs that hang out in front of the Taida main library. I thought they were, like, waiting for their master who was doing research on Australian pygmy migrations, but I think they're strays who were scholars in a previous life.

Taipei is full of stray dogs. On the riverside parks, stray dogs roam in packs, and I wonder if it's not an issue the government should be dealing with. In Kaohsiung, I know they tried doing something about it and rounded up all the stray dogs and put them in a stray dog zoo or sanctuary or something. Very interesting solution. That was two years ago when I heard about that, I'm not sure how the program is doing now. Maybe Taiwan is waiting for some kid to be attacked by a stray dog (they can be aggressive) before they do something. As long as that something is humane.

December 26, 2006 - The brown dog is the alpha dog. You just get a sense for these things. But like I said, these are mellow lazy dogs and are happy just to sleep and lounge around the library all day. Oh, they're not scholars, they're former students!

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Bea (Throwing Muses)
2. Lovely (reprise) ("A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum")
3. What Would You Say? (Dave Matthews Band)
4. Barcelona ("Company")
5. Pictures at an Exhibition - Promenade/Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks (Mussorgsky)
6. Brave (Marillion)
7. Happy Jack (live) (The Who)
8. Symphony No. 35, II. Andante (Mozart)
9. Initials ("Hair")
10. When Velma Takes the Stand ("Chicago")


joyce said...

hair and chicago are 2 of my favorite musicals!!

do you know if they've tried neutering/spaying the dogs so they don't keep multiplying? i would think that would be cheaper than this sanctuary you speak of...

keauxgeigh said...

I have no idea if they've tried it, but it sounds like a too sensible approach for Chinese to grasp. Sometimes trying to grasp Chinese logic is an exercise in turning one's mind inside out.

Whoops, I'm being bitter again :)