Thursday, May 17, 2007

South of Hsindian

February 23, 2007 - Having returned to Taipei from Kaohsiung, with 3 weeks of New Years break, and a day of decent weather, I headed south of Hsindian on my bike, which I keep telling myself can't handle long rides. And this wasn't long. If I had my regular road bike, this would probably still be in the first quarter of a ride, but I made it as far as the Wulai border. Wulai is the town south of Hsindian (I think) and is slightly famous for hot springs. Hm, I wonder how a soak would be in the middle of a ride! Not sure what happened to this exposure.

Scenery south of Hsindian. In my mind, it's partly what I consider the "real" Taiwan. Taipei, as I've mentioned, doesn't feel like Taiwan to me. It feels like Taipei occupied by mainland Chinese. Taipei is, in many ways, dominated by mainland culture. For better or worse is not for me to say. I think this is all still the Hsindian River.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Tsumiki Asobi (Shiina Ringo)
2. #41 (Dave Matthews Band)
3. Spiral (John Coltrane)
4. Candyland (Kristin Hersh)
5. You Shook Me (live) (Led Zeppelin)
6. Reject All-American (Bikini Kill)
7. Back in N.Y.C. (live) (Genesis)
8. Always More Often (Rainer Maria)
9. Rudie Can't Fail (The Clash)
10. I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind (The The)

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