Thursday, June 21, 2007

In east Taipei

April 19, 2007 - Raohe St. Tourist Night Market entrance. Of course it was closed during the day, what was I thinking? Actually most nightmarkets have something going on in the daytime, I don't know why this street was totally closed, and certainly no shaved ice shops, which I'm addicted to. I mean the shaved ice, not the shops. This night market is on the eastern side of Taipei, pretty distant from where I am. Actually, since I live in Hsindian now, it's really far.

Freeway interchanges, I think. Just down the street from Raohe nightmarket. This is right near the Keelung River, crossing over into the Neihu District. The freeway leads to points east and north of Taipei, including the north coast and area beaches.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Moon Dreams (Miles Davis Nonet)
2. I Turned the Corner/I'm Falling in Love with Someone ("Thoroughly Modern Millie")
3. Talk About the Passion (R.E.M.)
4. Time (David Bowie)
5. One More Angel in Heaven ("Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat")
6. People (Throwing Muses)
7. Heart of Lothian (extended) (Marillion)
8. Colors and the Kids (Cat Power)
9. Milk It (live) (Nirvana)
10. Karatachi Nomachi (The Boom)

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