Sunday, September 30, 2007

commute photo essay - exit #1, end

This is The Wall (downstairs to the right), arguably Taipei's coveted venue for indie and local bands. I haven't been there yet because, well, I'm too old. +/- (James Baluyut's post-Versus band) came to Taipei and played there, and I didn't even go to that for that reason. Anyway, I pass it on the way to school going this way. It's right at the end of the Fuhe Bridge, near Roosevelt Road.

And this is the last intersection before I reach the block that the Taida campus is on. It's actually a traffic circle with Keelung Road going off to the right, and Roosevelt road going off to the left on the other side of that overpass. The block Taida campus is on is directly ahead of me on the other side of the overpass. And that's my hand at the edge of the lomo. Better my hand than the camera strap, but no, that won't do either.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Peace Train (Cat Stevens)
2. Red Shoes (Throwing Muses)
3. Maxwell's Silver Hammer (The Beatles - Anthology)
4. Quadrophenia (The Who)
5. You Wanna Bet ("Sweet Charity")
6. Don't Leave Me Now (live) (Pink Floyd)
7. Buy Her Candy (Sleater-Kinney)
8. God's Children (The Kinks)
9. Clap Your Hands (A Tribe Called Quest)
10. Symphony No. 2, III. Andante espressivo (Hovhaness)


joyce said...

your ride to school has lots of interesting sites. i can't believe you didn't go see +/-. man, you ARE old. :P (haha, i'm one to talk)

keauxgeigh said...

I even could've worn a Versus t-shirt and shouted, "Your my man, James!". But then I think I would look like the indie equivalent of old fogies at Lynrd Skynrd concerts. But next time they come...