Sunday, September 23, 2007

commute photo essay - exit #1

Elevated freeways make Taipei go. Not that I would know since I rarely have been on them. I think they're painting them all periwinkle. I mean "light purple". I'm not in San Francisco anymore, so apparently, according to my sister-in-law's older sister, I can't get away with knowing colors like "periwinkle" and "fuscia" without some formal declaration that I'm gay. Or rather, outside of San Francisco, saying "periwinkle" or "fuscia" is a formal declaration that I'm gay. Or would be, since I'm not gay.

Why is it that saying one is not gay sounds more gay than not saying anything at all? In any case, if Taipei is painting all its freeways periwinkle, doesn't that make Taipei gay?

This ramp at the left, leading from the riverside area, is my first of three opportunities to get to school, and is slowly becoming my favored one because of the minimal exposure to car traffic, which is an issue since I have 8:00 class again, meaning rush hour traffic. It leads up to the Fuhe Bridge, and from there I ride on the sidewalk to surface streets, and with the crossing of a couple consecutive intersections, I'm on the campus block.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Conjugate the Verbs (Enon)
2. Yes (Black Sheep)
3. Hikaru Kaigara (Chitose Hajime)
4. Give Me Back My Name (Talking Heads)
5. Paradox (Kansas)
6. If I Ever Hear You Knocking On My Door (Southern All-Stars)
7. Going Under (Marillion)
8. Sunday Bloody Sunday (live) (U2)
9. God Is a Number (Sleater-Kinney)
10. Soul Survivor (The Rolling Stones)

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