Saturday, October 13, 2007

commute photo essay - columns

I think I've shot these orange columns a lot. They kinda stand out. But there's a cool dragon graffit on the base. It's kinda shy down there, I mean why didn't the artist go all out and make it a bolder statement?

Contrast with a blue column near the top of the ramp, leading out of the bikeways. I'm not sure what it says. Something about the water park district, welcome (which is not a water park, per se, as much as it's a display or museum of water usage? How big can you yawn?). The crest of the ramp is at the right. It's all downhill from there, so to speak.

Oh, and I don't think this column is holding anything up. It looks like it's supporting the roadway above, but it's not. It's a random, free-standing, welcoming column. Go fig.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Skin & Bones (The Kinks)
2. Hootchi Kootchi Moon (Bubble Gum Brothers)
3. Norwegian Wood (The Beatles - Anthology)
4. The Hills of Tomorrow ("Merrily We Roll Along" - Sondheim)
5. Peek-A-Boo (Siouxsie & the Banshees)
6. Lonely! (Frente!)
7. Fall Down (Throwing Muses)
8. Brandenburg Concerto No. 2, II. Andante (J.S. Bach)
9. Wild World (Cat Stevens)
10. The Man With the Child In His Eyes (Kate Bush)

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