Saturday, November 24, 2007

September 13, 2007 - Car with windshield wipers up, and pink kerchiefs tied to all the doors. It's a Taipei mafia message. Sorta like "Luka Brazzi sleeps with the fishes", but it's more like "Luka Brazzi's car has it's windshield wipers left up and pink kerchiefs tied to the doors".

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Itsuka Kaze Ni Naru Hi (Chitose Hajime)
2. You Speak My Language (Morphine)
3. The Way A Leash Feels (764-HERO)
4. Fifteen Seconds (Idiot Box)
5. Surf (Sakura)
6. Heathen (live) (Bob Marley & the Wailers)
7. Naked Eye (Luscious Jackson)
8. Lowest Common Denominator (Unwound)
9. Yesterday (The Beatles)
10. Annie-Dog (Smashing Pumpkins)


joyce said...

a friend in college used to lift the wipers up on cars of her friends she saw in the parking lot. she thought it was funny, we all found it very annoying. she also had an orange cone that she kept in her trunk and would leave in the spot if she had to leave campus. parking was a b*tch on campus, so if you got a good spot, you did whatever you could to keep it! i thought that was pretty ingenious.

keauxgeigh said...

I think I would have found it cute and funny. As long as she was cute and funny, otherwise she'd just be annoying. j/k.

I can't believe the orange cone scheme actually worked. Or if she got found out, she wouldn't lose campus parking privileges!