Wednesday, December 24, 2008

July 7, 2008 - My shadow along the riverside bikeways.

Outhouses along the riverside bikeway.

It's odd how everything is politicized in Taiwan. There was a fire in the National Taiwan University Hospital last week and a patient died in it. The daughter of the victim held a press conference blaming the hospital and had a member of one of the main political parties with her, as if blaming the other party for the fire.

I thought the U.S. was bad about shameless politicization. It seems that sort of thing happens more here than other places. It could be politicians are particularly opportunistic and swoop down on personal tragedies to push forward some political agenda.

I also read that it's the same with public TV here. It's not independent like it relatively is in the U.S., U.K., Japan and other places. Public TV which is supposed to be public interest for the betterment of society and not corporate profit, is apparently used as a mouthpiece for whatever political party is in power here.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. The Infamous Date Rape (A Tribe Called Quest)
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joyce said...

i love shadow shots. and those are some nice looking outhouses.

politicization of everything blows. just once can we do something and not make it political?

keauxgeigh said...

I missed taking some shadow shots today at twilight. Today was a really nice day in the high 70s (it's supposed to get cold and wet again on Monday), and there was a great eerie late afternoon light on the bikeways. But I was rushing home to catch "In Plain Sight". Have you seen that show? For some reason I really like it.

joyce said...

oooh, i love twilight, my favorite time of day. :) i haven't seen "in plain sight" nor have i heard of it. is it an american show?? hmm...will have to google it, now i'm curious.