Sunday, January 18, 2009

July 7, 2008 - The final shot from this day of shooting on the bikeways. In the past bunch of shots, you can note the sun progressively setting. This shot is along the Keelung River and it is a long exposure shot when the sky was quickly approaching darkness. That said, the sky was actually a lot darker than is seen here, and in this darkeness, of course, none of the roller bladers can be seen zipping along the track. It was really neat watching them do laps in several waves of groups. I'm a little surprised that absolutely no trace of them can be seen, as when one group was going around, one or another group was waiting in that area just inside the track. But I guess that shows how dark it was, as none of them registered on film. The brightness of the sky here is purely from the long exposure.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Revolution 1 (The Beatles)
2. On Mercury (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
3. Country Death Song (Violent Femmes)
4. Fuckin' Up (live) (Pearl Jam)
5. What I Like About You (The Romantics)
6. Nothing Is Good Enough (Aimee Mann)
7. Shogunade (Ryuichi Sakamoto)
8. Fly Me to the Moon ("Neon Genesis Evangelion")
9. Blue Flow (Heart of Air)
10. Rebel Music (Bob Marley & the Wailers)


joyce said...

rollerbladers...sure, koji. :)

hey, we were watching "heroes" and one of the places was in fort lee, NJ. isn't that where you're from??

keauxgeigh said...

yea, I saw that, too! Apparently that's where Pinehearst is located. Actually one town north of Fort Lee, but close enough :)

Although nothing will compare to when I saw the original Superman movie (in a Fort Lee theater) and when Lex Luthor aims a missile at Hackensack, N.J., the audience erupted in cheers! :D