Saturday, January 10, 2009

July 7, 2008 - Taipei, Taiwan, along the Danshui River at Dadaocheng wharf. This is a famous place for photographers to shoot the sunset. Serious photographers come here and set up their tripods and fancy cameras so that they can all have the same beautiful, perfect, usually digital shot as everyone else.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Pale Marble Movie (Seam)
2. The Moth (Aimee Mann)
3. Life By the Drop (Stevie Ray Vaughan)
4. Distant Early Warning (live) (Rush)
5. Galileo (live) (Indigo Girls)
6. I Shall Scream! ("Oliver!")
7. Panic in Detroit (1979) (David Bowie)
8. A Pillow of Winds (Pink Floyd)
9. The Hard Way (live) (The Kinks)
10. The Tracks of My Tears (The Miracles - Motown)


joyce said...

lol...that is a beautiful looking sky tho. :)

i heart aimee mann.

keauxgeigh said...

i'm always complaining about the rain, but in a year where there wasn't too much oppressive rain, it was nice to see some sunsets.

i would marry aimee mann just because of her voice.