Friday, August 07, 2009

November 15, 2008 - Approaching the end of the Keelung River bikeway at the east end of Taipei. I was going on a ride out to the east coast of Taiwan. Look how nice the weather looks.

But on the east coast it was all cloudy. Reminded me of San Francisco, except I lived under the overcast, and rode out to the sunshine.

No sunshine now. It's a typhoon day in Taipei, Typhoon Morakot, and I don't have to work because my Friday shift got switched to Thursday earlier this week. I wonder who's the sucker who got stuck with the typhoon shift. I think they're going to try to knock-off early tonight, at around 11, but it won't make a difference, the typhoon is going to hit in the general area of tonight.

I still ended up riding home in the rain last night because I wanted to get my bike home and not leave it out during the typhoon at work. But I only started riding home because it wasn't really raining so bad when I left. But then it started picking up and picking up and I was pretty soaked by the end.

During typhoons it's all rain and wind, but pre- and post-typhoon, it's really touch-and-go. It may be calm as a lamb one moment, and then raging gusts 15 minutes later.

I have a different mentality during typhoons, which assumes getting soaked. We might have some rainy weather that I wouldn't think of riding my bike or going out in, certainly not without an umbrella, but during a typhoon, it might be much worse and I'll go skipping out into the rain; wind blowing in gusts tempting me to break out in a Michael Jackson imitation.

So I'm apartment-bound for the duration. I think it may still be stormy by my shift tomorrow, so I'll take a bus to work, dress like I'm going for a swim.

I Am One (Smashing Pumpkins)


Pierre said...

I thought typhoons were thrill and fun, but it's just plain boring!

I can't do nothing but wait. I already finished one book, on my way to finish another one. Oh, and I watched "The Pianist" on TV (a film which would worth even if there were just the end credits).

And I will have to go to work on Sunday. Super.

koji said...

THIS one was boring. It didn't really affect Taipei. At least you have a view outside your window, right? I have to go outside to experience the boredom.

I think I wasted the whole time indoors surfing the web. I gotta get off the Internet.

Well, we both have to work Sunday.

Any movement on the piano?

Pierre said...

I've seens videos of this typhon in Tainan and it looked much more impressive, indeed!

I'm in the HSR to Taoyuan. Still full of rum. Burp.

No mov on the piano, I think I'll buy it once I'm back from France in September. In the meantime, if I have any chance to try your bass, I'd be happy!

oh and by the way, do you have to work next Saturday night?

melicacy said...

hey! sorry for intruding, i dug out my fisheye2 after so long i almost forgot how to operate it!
the flash seems to be malfunctioning though :/
does it work on all 3 modes L N B or sth? other than switching the power on and off, do i have to do anything to trigger the flash? because when i click the shutter the flash doesn't go off.. the red light's on though..
is it spoilt? ):

オテモヤン said...