Friday, November 25, 2005

Autumn Colours Lomo Dump

So I've learned my lesson to try to distinguish between subject matter, and know when what I keep shooting is not really different or no improvement on what I've already shot. No more taking Bebe on my default ride to shoot Autumn colors. Once the leaves all fall, maybe I can take Bebe for a different look of the ride, and then only once.

Trees, trees, trees, all from the same ride on November 1st (as always, click to enlarge):

Over the shoulder shot from the same November 1st ride. Just three weeks ago and it looks so warm then! This was a risky shot because it's a fast downhill leading to the Hudson River Boat Basin. What's tricky is that even after taking the shot, it's still dangerous because I still have to hold the camera because it would be more dangerous to put it away, ergo only one hand on a brake. But! When I start down the hill, I don', there's no mitigating it, it's flat out dangerous. Don't try it unless you're trying to prove you're as stupid as me. And wear a helmet unless you're trying to prove you're as stupid as me.

current sounds:
1. Bread and Wine (Peter Gabriel)
2. Symphony No. 40, Mvmt. I (Molto allegro) (Mozart)
3. Houses In Motion (live) (Talking Heads)
4. The Rhythm Method (drum solo) (Rush)
5. The Devil's Workday (Modest Mouse)
6. Pandora's Box (Throwing Muses)
7. Funkin' For Fun (Parliament)
8. Oh, To Be In Love (Kate Bush)
9. Feed the Tree (remix) (Belly)
10. Dirty Day (U2)

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