Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bass for your face, homes.

Spector NS-2000:

Thru-neck body, meaning the neck isn't bolted on, but is made from the same piece of wood as the body for better sustain. "Ergonomically" curved back, incredibly comfortable, but strictly speaking has nothing to do with ergonomics. Passive EMG-HZ pickups, but active electronics. Decent, but I prefer full active pickups and electronics.

Riverhead "Unicorn" headless bass:

I'm sure I can get a better picture of this freaky looking bass. It's called a "Unicorn" for a reason, but someone once refered to it as a "Squid" bass, and I liked that better, so that's what I call it. Semi-thru neck body, meaning it's still not a bolt-on neck, but the wood of the neck is extended and embedded into the body. Active pick-ups and electronics. Japanese made. The bass came with more than a full set of Allen wrenches to perform all the little adjustments required, and as such, must be one of the most poorly designed basses of all time!

I can swear I had a third bass around here someplace. Must've misplaced it.

current sounds (last 10 songs shuffled on iTunes):
1. Sugar Water (Cibo Matto)
2. Unauthorized Autobiography (Unwound)
3. VI. Denn wir haben hie (Ein Deutsches Requiem, Brahms)
4. Learo, You're a Hole (Archers of Loaf)
5. The Funky Avocado (Michael Hedges)
6. Angel (Echobelly)
7. Nothing Without You (Tery Bina) (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)
8. Mexican Seafood (Nirvana)
9. Sukiyaki (Sandii)
10. Usnisa Vijana Dharani (Mantras of the Sanskrit)(Imee Ooi)

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brad stewart said...

Would you sell me your unicorn bass? I used to have one, sold it, and miss it....

the _stewarts@ns.sympatico.ca