Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hudson River Recreation Area - November 8, 2005

Actually, I don't know if this area has a name, it's after my time.

During a ride, I paused to squeeze this shot off (click to enlarge):

Then looking through my photo archives, I found this similar shot, taken on August 25, 1998:

This was taken when they were still developing it, taken from higher up on the cliffs, probably with a telephoto zoom lens. I have no memory what was there before, but in 1998, I had long no longer considered myself a resident of these parts.

Interesting, huh? I know you want to see that area now closer up.

Voila! This was shot close to where that white van is in the black and white. The previous shots were taken from up those cliffs. I was trying to shoot the Palisades with Autumn colors.

Now this shot was taken near where the previous shot was taken (close to that speck of dust on the black and white). Basically, I turned around, climbed over a wall and down some rocks (with cycling shoes, mind you), and held Bebe right close to the water and shot.

This last shot was taken from the far corner of that piece of land, again trying to shoot Autumn colors on the Palisades:

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joyce said...

wow! the trees are beautiful!!

keauxgeigh said...

yea, but it's all gone now. all brown and blowing all over the place. smells great, tho'.