Saturday, November 19, 2005

ride *yawn* lomos

Another lomo of me and my shadow from October 28:

That front tire has had it, just look how bald it is. I've been riding on it since San Francisco, where I rode often. My back tire is still pretty fresh, having gotten it last Fall, but then not riding from November of last year to August or September of this year. I'll replace the front tire after this season, if I'm around for next year's season, which I'm hoping not to be.

Another lomo from the same ride:

A 20 mile ride isn't enough to warrant bringing water along. I'm not big on hydrating while exercising. You probably can't see the Sailor Moon stickers on the seat tube. Don't ask.

All I'm adjusting on these negatives are brightness, contrast, and saturation, but some of these lomos seem sharper than either my digital or SLR. Go fig. I'm not a big fan of image manipulation, but I think those parameters are fair game for the lomo fisheye, which isn't supposed to be serious photography with artificial standards of integrity. Lomo is a "look" anyway. Furthermore, those same parameters are adjusted in any print, whether you're printing them yourself or getting it done commercially. Take a negative to five different photoprocessors, and you're going to get some degree of variation.

current sounds:
1. Even in the Quietest Moments (Supertramp)
2. Anata ni Salada (Dreams Come True)
3. Brandenberg Concerto No. 4, Mvmt. 2 (J.S. Bach)
4. Can't Stand Losing You (live) (The Police)
5. Black Girls (Violent Femmes)
6. King of the Kerb (Echobelly)
7. Strange Meadow Lark (Dave Brubeck Quartet)
8. Spaceboy (Smashing Pumpkins)
9. Here Come the Bastards (Primus)
10. Mandolinita (Sukay)

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