Monday, November 07, 2005


Still on Autumn colors. I go for these rides and I feel like I'm just shooting color, over and over. Pretty colors, though.

November 2, 2005, that's the day I found the ruins by the Hudson River. Parked my bike to get a closer look.

Now, these ruins I found. They are right by one of the "official" picnic stops on the Hudson River Drive. I'd stopped at the picnic area before, but I didn't find the ruins before because they require venturing down a path that I hadn't seen before. I imagine the path used to be the driveway to the building that had been built there.

Anyways, I love ruins. I love what they symbolize - something that was before, but isn't anymore. A mystery.

Whatever was built, I imagine it was before the George Washington Bridge was built, but it still must have been a nice view on the Hudson.

My default 20 mile ride takes me by the same scenery, including going under the George Washington Bridge for this obvious shot:

current sounds (last 10 songs shuffled on iTunes):
1. Petals Like Bricks (Unwound)
2. Another 100 Years of Solitude (Concrete Blonde Y Los Illegales)
3. Union Square (Tom Waits)
4. The Supermen (David Bowie)
5. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Genesis - live at Wembley Stadium)
6. Down To Earth (Echobelly)
7. Watch the Silverware (764-HERO)
8. Cousin Mary (alternative take) (John Coltrane)
9. Meeting Across The River (Bruce Springsteen)
10. It's Hard To Be A Saint in the City (David Bowie (Springsteen cover))


joyce said...

wow, those are some cool ruins! i love the how the autumn colors come out thru the lomo...those aren't "enhanced" right?

keauxgeigh said...

Yea, they are. They seriously are. I use software to saturate the colors and push the contrast as much as possible just to the point before the shot starts looking really fake.

I read that one of the unique points of the original Lomo LC-A was the "high light sensitivity" of the cheap lens which got the high contrast, high saturation look naturally. The fisheye lomo doesn't naturally get the "lomo aesthetic", so I cheat by "enhancing" so that it looks more like what I think a "lomo" looks like.

Actually, looking at other peoples' "authentic" lomos, I don't think the saturation is quite as blown out as these.

joyce said...

d'oh! you shoulda lied and said "no joycee, no enhancing here, just pure, unadulterated lomoing..." i still think the colors are just fabulous!

keauxgeigh said...

heh, true, but having been in the law field should make us sensitive to fraudulent misrepresentation. Oh wait, no you're right, having been in the law field, I should've lied!

Actually, I think the enhancement of these lomos is a lot of the fun - tripping things out, exaggerating, and making things look not quite as they actually seemed.

The only thing I'm personally against is representing something in the image that totally wasn't there at all or changing a color completely, but enhancing what was on the negative or tweaking it so that the image is really trippy is all fair in the lomo game.