Friday, February 03, 2006

'Twas a Dreary Day before Christmas

Or two. December 23, 2005. I was looking for a stuffed totoro for my infant nephew, so naturally I went to Edgewater, where the last remnant of the Japanese occupation of the economic bubble exists in the form of the Mitsuwa complex (formerly Yaohan). Seriously, in the '70s and '80s, there used to be tons of Japanese families in the area because Japanese companies sent their workers to New York and housed them in New Jersey.

It has a sweet location right on the water with skyline views of New York City across the Hudson River.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Happiness Is a Warm Gun (The Breeders)
2. The Imperatives (Rainer Maria)
3. The Sun On His Back (Camera Obscura)
4. The Wind and the Wolf (Keiko Matsui)
5. Turn It On Again (Genesis)
6. Crosseyed and Painless (live) (Talking Heads)
7. A Clean Break (Let's Work) (live) (Talking Heads)
8. Custard Pie (Led Zeppelin)
9. Friends (Rebecca)
10. Next To You (The Police)


joyce said...

did you ever get that totoro for your nephew??

keauxgeigh said...

No, they were too expensive, I concluded. So I settled for a cute Pikachu.