Thursday, May 04, 2006

Elephant Hill

April 1, 2006 - The second shot of Taipei 101 below was taken during a hike up "Elephant Hill", one of four supposedly distinctive hills in a range on the eastern side of Taipei, each named after an animal, thus collectively referred to as the "beast" range. In fact, I think that's Taipei 101 at the top of this shot. There's apparently some good hiking in that range that is waiting for a sunny day. But quite honestly, I can't tell one "beast" from another.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Colored Spade ("Hair")
2. Death in the Park (Archers of Loaf)
3. I Believe in You (Neil Young)
4. All Blues (Rebirth Marching Jazz Band)
5. Marianne (Tori Amos)
6. The Loneliest Guy (David Bowie)
7. Happiness is a Warm Gun (outtake) (The Beatles)
8. BBtone (live) (Pinback)
9. White Shadow (Peter Gabriel)
10. Mystery Band (Amoco Renegades Steel Orchestra)


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the fisheye makes those stairs look like fun, eh?