Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bikeway Bridges

April 22, 2006 - These are both bridges crossing the Key Lime River, which divides Taipei into the southern "Taipei proper" and the northern "suburbs", which aren't suburban at all, but have a looser, more relaxed feel. Actually, I have no idea, I don't spend much time north of the Key Lime River. I only go if I'm specifically going somewhere for some reason.

The first picture is the Dazhi Bridge, a very nice bridge, and is the only relatively easy way to cross the Key Lime River on bike, which also prevents me from exploring much north of the river. The second shot is more on the eastern side of the city and is pretty non-descript. Not sure why I shot it, aside from it looked neat while riding along the bikeway.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Waiting For the Girls Upstairs ("Follies" - Sondheim)
2. In the Cage (live medley) (Genesis)
3. Been A Son (Nirvana)
4. Sapphire Bullets of Love (They Might Be Giants)
5. At Last (Etta James)
6. With A Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles)
7. Toxic Girl (1963 Monte Carlo Version) (Kings of Convenience)
8. Lively Up Yourself (live) (Bob Marley & the Wailers)
9. Almost Blue (Elvis Costello & the Attractions)
10. Thank You (live) (Led Zeppelin)


joyce said...

that first pic looks like giant paint brushes. very cool. :)

keauxgeigh said...

It's a cool bridge. And it's curious how the cables are so straight through the fisheye. It's like the curve of the lines, and the curve of the lens are canceling each other out.