Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Downstairs Cafe

Ah, the downstairs cafe. Not sure what to say about it. They got to know me and what I wanted, so I was able to stop asking. When they saw me, they would just confirm, "美式咖啡?" (Americano coffee - espresso with hot water), and I would nod or give them a thumbs up or do a little dance. That was last term when I had afternoon class and before I started making coffee at home. This term, I have morning classes and make coffee at home. But sometimes during breaks, if a former classmate asks me to go get coffee with her, I'll go, and they still know what I want.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Manbi no G*Spot (Southern All-Stars)
2. Me and My Charms (Kristin Hersh)
3. The Joker (Sakura)
4. Heading For The Light (The Traveling Wilburys)
5. One World (Not Three)/Love is the Seventh Wave (live) (Sting)
6. Every Word (Belly)
7. Flores De Los Muertos (The National Joy Band)
8. Is This Love? (live) (Bob Marley & the Wailers)
9. Strange Magic (Electric Light Orchestra)
10. Capri Pants (Bikini Kill)

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