Tuesday, July 04, 2006

May 1, 2006 - I vaguely remember this being one of the few sunny days after days and days of relentless rain. And even after the rain is gone, the umbrellas come out for the sun. Including while riding a bike! This is on Heping East Road. My apartment is on the left and Daan Park is on the right. I think I went to my bank that morning and was riding to school at this point...oh, May 1, I did go to my bank to get money, and was riding to my landlord's bank, on the way to school, to deposit rent money.

In more recent news, since these photos are now two months behind. The constant rain has stopped and appears to have been replaced by what appears to be monsoon rains, much more bearable. That just means every late afternoon there's a downpour. Also, my bike is on extended loan to a stranger. Apparently, I left my bike unlocked in front of my apartment, intending to go out again on it, but then left it like that overnight. So the P.O.S. Enterprise is no more. Yay! Seriously, that was no loss. Just a little inconvenient no that I have to learn the bus lines.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Welcome Back (Tara Jane O'Neil)
2. The Sun Has Got His Hat On ("Me and My Girl")
3. Avenue (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)
4. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (Van Halen)
5. Here Comes the Flood (Peter Gabriel)
6. You Wanna Bet ("Sweet Charity")
7. Snowball In Hell (They Might Be Giants)
8. #41 (Dave Matthews Band)
9. Let Me Go Home (Camera Obscura)
10. Everything is All (Echobelly)


joyce said...

sounds like denver weather! it's sunny and hot til about late afternoon, early evening, and then the thunderstorms and torrential (sp?) downpours begin. they usually only last about 15-20 minutes, but lately they've been going on for hours!

keauxgeigh said...

Hahaha, you have monsoons in Denver?!! I think I'm forgetting what monsoons are.