Wednesday, October 04, 2006


In July, in the month between my first and second bikes, I got the idea to explore more of Taipei by hopping on a random bus and seeing where it went. I got on the 284 bus in front of my building at Daan Park, and took it over an hour to the Neihu district, on the eastern side of Taipei. I found this lake, Dahu, which was pleasant enough.

July 9, 2006 - pavillion on Dahu Lake. "Hu" is lake, so calling it "Dahu Lake" is really saying Big Lake Lake. Like calling the Yodogawa River in Osaka is saying Yodo River River. Or the Gobi Desert, Desert Desert.

This excursion to Dahu was particularly useful because my second bike was out in Neihu, and because of this excursion, I knew exactly how to get there and where to go stress-free. Can't say the same thing about my third bike, which was out in a place called XinZhuang, but that's another story altogether.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Sons of the Silent Age (David Bowie)
2. Annie (Elastica)
3. Poison (David Byrne)
4. Take Five (George Benson)
5. I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) (The Four Tops)
6. Watashi wa Piano (Southern All-Stars)
7. She's So Cold (The Rolling Stones)
8. Deathly (Aimee Mann)
9. Dodo/Lurker (Genesis)
10. The Evening Bell (Tu Tai Hang)


joyce said...

very cool pics!! i love that bridge! and geez, how many bikes do you have??

keauxgeigh said...

At least I wait until one is stolen until I go out and buy another one! How many cars did you guys have? ;)

I'm on my third bike. In all, I've spent $45 on bikes! The first one I had, the piece of crap one, was the most expensive at $20, when I didn't know better.

My current bike is the best one of the bunch and I got it for $15. I'm in the U.S. now for two weeks, and I brought the bike up to my apartment before I left to make sure it didn't get stolen or rained on.