Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Butcher of the KMT Memorial Hall

August 7, 2006 - Chiang Kai-Shek memorial. Flatter myself not, this is a pretty damn good shot for a camera I hold in front of me and shoot without particularly aiming at anything. Bebe has a viewfinder which is pretty damn useless, although I've never actually tried it.

This is from Zhongshan Road, on the way to the Taipei Main Station area where my uncle's company has a Taipei office. When he comes up here, they usually have a company dinner and he often invites me along.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Sunset Hill (Marillion)
2. Me & Sarah Jane (live) (Genesis)
3. Crashing the Afterglow (Versus)
4. Chamber Symphony in C Minor, I. Largo (Shostakovich)
5. Vivace (Remix) (Nokko)
6. Just Like Anyone (Aimee Mann)
7. Yeah! Nen Matsu (Bakufu Slump)
8. A Gentleman's Excuse Me (Fish)
9. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! (The Beatles)
10. Rock On (Smashing Pumpkins)


joyce said...

i dunno if it's sad, or just really amazing, but your "point and shoot" shots are so much better than anything i could take a picture of, when i'm really trying! hahaha...

keauxgeigh said...

Haha, I feel the same way about other peoples' shots, so I guess it's all relative!