Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Empire State Building Observation Deck.

October 10, 2006 - Fortunately, I was included in one "group blog", now defunct, that hasn't been migrated to the new blogger interface, so I can use that to upload lomos in the old format that fits to the screen. Although I must say those huge lomos have incredible detail! It's almost worth having to scroll around to see everything in the image... but not.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. We Will Rock You (Queen)
2. E Koto Arusa (Kome Kome Club)
3. Color and Light ("Sunday in the Park with George" - Sondheim)
4. Dead (The Pixies)
5. Cosmic Charlie (The Grateful Dead)
6. Lukin (Pearl Jam)
7. All I Do (+/-)
8. Concertina (Tori Amos)
9. Maggie Mae (The Beatles)
10. Sno Cat (Kristin Hersh)

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