Thursday, December 21, 2006

funky jalopy

October 22, 2006 - Not sure what this is. I was riding around on the riverside bikeways the day I returned from the U.S. to try to get over jetlag. Don't know if it worked. I bonked before I wanted to and had to make a beeline home so as to not fall over on my bike and sleep right where I was.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. More Than Rain (Tom Waits)
2. Matte Kudasai (King Crimson)
3. Shock the Monkey (live) (Peter Gabriel)
4. A Man/Me/Then Jim (Rilo Kiley)
5. Slave Driver (Bob Marley & the Wailers)
6. Holy Night (Nokko)
7. Adia (Sarah McLachlan)
8. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight (R.E.M.)
9. Akita Sugaki (Kohachiro Miyata - shakuhachi)
10. I Me Mine (The Beatles - Anthology)

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