Sunday, December 24, 2006

Taida Campus

November 1, 2006 - I had passed through the Taida campus before, but on the day I handed in my application to the Mandarin Language Center, I got the distinct realization that I might be attending school on this campus. So for the first time I walked around a bit to contemplate the reality of the campus. Unfortunately, it was drizzly and miserable, so I didn't go too far. I did find this nifty artifact, though.

I have no idea what model it is or when it served. Maybe it was donated to the school for engineering students after it was obsolete. I do remember a long time ago during the Kuomingtan's 40 years or so of martial law, before movies they would play a short propaganda movie extolling the glory of Taiwan's military might. In one shot was a formation of 16 fighter jets. I think the joke (or not, I don't know) was that was the entire Taiwanese Air Force.

Jet engine.

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