Thursday, February 22, 2007

Across the River

December 23, 2006 - Danshuei, Taiwan, looking out across the Danshuei River at Guanyin Mountain. I think I went up there twice on consecutive weekends, I don't remember why. Maybe because it was the holiday season that isn't celebrated here, so I was feeling like wandering about. More likely it was rare good weather right after the solstice that made me feeling like getting out.

On the ferry looking back at Danshuei. This was the first time I went across the river to Bali, even though the ferry costs less than a buck and is really convenient. Maybe because I'm not very adventurous, or at least I take my own sweet time getting to the point of feeling adventurous. That's true, if I was just visiting and only had one day up at Danshuei, I probably would've gone across the river. Whatever.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Zaar (Peter Gabriel - "The Last Temptation of Christ")
2. Assassing (live) (Marillion)
3. Find the River (R.E.M.)
4. The Bed's Too Big Without You (The Police)
5. Time (live) (Tom Waits)
6. Eastern Wave (Three Mile Pilot)
7. Baby's Got a Brand New Hairdo (Elvis Costello & the Attractions)
8. Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) (Squeeze)
9. Messenger (Blonde Redhead)
10. Dedicated Follower of Fashion (The Kinks)

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