Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hong Kong Buildings

December 21, 2006 - Here's a famous building of the Hong Kong skyline, maybe the most distinct building from Hong Kong movies. At least that's where I know it from. Apparently a lot of feng shui goes into construction in Hong Kong, but I don't remember how it applies to this building.

The Lippo Towers, in which is the "travel agency" which processes Taiwan "visas", although they are not allowed to actually issue visas. They process your visa application, and if all is in order they staple a slip of paper into your passport that you take back with you to Taiwan. Once in Taiwan, at the airport, before going through immigration, you have to go to a special station where they issue the actual visa. So why I have to leave the country is a little beyond me. Is it because that's what real countries require? Sorry, these stupid things still make me bitter and disavow my Taiwanese ancestry and explains why my parents left.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Ribbon In the Sky (Stevie Wonder)
2. Lamplight Symphony (Kansas)
3. Good Morning, Good Morning (The Beatles)
4. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (U2)
5. Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While) (Kim Weston - Motown)
6. String Quartet No. 8, II. Allegro Molto (Shostakovich)
7. Please Hello ("Pacific Overtures" - Sondheim)
8. Lizzie Sage (Throwing Muses)
9. Baby Face (The Kinks)
10. Marathon (Rush)

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