Thursday, March 15, 2007

Daan Park playground

January 28, 2007 - I guess these pretty much speak for themselves. It was a crowded pre-New Years Sunday in the park, and by the way I bitch about the weather here, it was probably the rare sunny day that drove people out with their kids in, um, droves.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Hot Type (Michael Hedges)
2. Bliss (Tori Amos)
3. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) (Marvin Gaye)
4. Hyoutan Karakoma (Southern All-Stars)
5. Capacity (Deadweight)
6. Sexy Sadie (The Beatles - Anthology)
7. Kimi wo Omou (Chitose Hajime)
8. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (live) (The Police)
9. Nobody's Home (Kansas)
10. Only You (J-Walk)


lisa said...

quick drop in to let you know my blog is on temporary hiatus while I figure out who exactly a recent spate of visitors have been...

joyce said...

dude, that's a lot of kids at that playground...i think i'd go nuts.

joyce said...

oh, almost forgot!!!! THANKS for the 06 mix! i forgot to take it to work with me to listen to, but won't forget tomorrow! :D

keauxgeigh said...

About kids, Joyce, I'm tellin' you...ok, nevermind. OK, good I'm glad you got the mix. Was it registered? My Chinese skills are so lame I didn't even know if the guy at the post office was asking if I wanted to send it registered or not. But then the cost of the bunch of CDs I sent off was a bit unexpected.

Whew, Lisa, I was wondering what happened and if I should take it personally! XD j/k. Let me know where you end up and if you want me to stop linking you. I think some "stalkers" keep track of people through links.

lisa said...

I might ask you to stop linking me... it's just weird that the visitor I am noticing never says anything and is from a town adjacent to where my family all live. It's a definite possibility it's someone who knows them all. Sort of silly to not want them to read my blog, I guess, but time has shown that they can't ever step outside of themselves, know what I mean?


keauxgeigh said...

Okey doke, they won't find you through here then. If you do start up again and tell me where here, I'll delete the message once I get it.

I've had suspicious searches hit my blogs, but if anyone from my family or past had the misfortune of stumbling upon my blog, they know to be discreet about it. They know what happened the last time things came to the surface. Haha!