Thursday, March 22, 2007

in with the new...

February 12, 2007 - My new apartment, not too much of a departure from my old apartment. I guess I've gotten as much used to it as I will at this point. Which is to say I have a comfortable existence, but wouldn't stay if an opportunity to leave came up. Still, I wouldn't go back to my old apartment, either. The improvements in this apartment clearly outweigh misgivings about moving.

February 13, 2007 - Xindian Riverside bikeway. I take this to school everyday. I get on the bikeway system on the Jingmei River, but it meets the Xindian River pretty soon. I ride no more than 3 km before I get off at the Gongguan entry way, then it's probably another kilometer to get to campus, and then maybe another kilometer to get to the language building. Big campus.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Pictures at an Exhibition, Promenade-Il Vecchio Castello (Mussorgsky)
2. Ain't Gwine Whistle Dixie (Any Mo') (Taj Mahal)
3. Black Mountain Side (Led Zeppelin)
4. Neighborhood (Space)
5. Lyrics To Go (A Tribe Called Quest)
6. Horses (Tori Amos)
7. 5:15 The Angels Have Gone (David Bowie)
8. Icarus (Borne on Wings of Steel) (live) (Kansas)
9. Willing to Fight (live) (Ani DiFranco)
10. It Don't Matter to Me (Phil Collins)


Rosie said...

Your apartment is lovely, looks very modern. It also looks like it would be warm but maybe that's just the yellow tint! The second shot is nice too, I love the way the road stretches out in front of you...x

joyce said...

your new place looks much homier than your old place. :)

i think our master bathroom is bigger than your entire apartment! i can't imagine living in a space that size with the amount of crap (and vehicles) we've managed to accumulate. i don't know how you do it...

k said...

it's the yellow tint that gives the impression of warmth, although in the coming months, warmth will not be the problem in these near tropical climes! As for the road stretching out in front, sometimes it's hard to see, but it's good to know that it's there ;)

I have this monastic ideal, so I appreciate being able to not have all the stuff I had that filled my apartment in San Francisco. Not that I got rid of it, seeing as most of it is at my parents' house in New Jersey.

And yes, any master bedroom is bigger than this apartment. But you know, you have a house! A house is meant to be able to accumulate things and memories and momentos (and vehicles). Take advantage of it and make it comfortable and worthwhile.