Sunday, April 08, 2007


February 13, 2007 - Xindian, Taiwan. Footbridge crossing over the Xindian River in the Xindian recreational area near the Xindian MRT station.

Xindian River paddle boats with the Bitan Bridge in the background.

Riding home along the Xindian riverside bikeway.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Avenue (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)
2. I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind (The The)
3. Sparks of the Tempest (Kansas)
4. Dollars & Cents (Radiohead)
5. Golden Tiger (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra)
6. Downer (Nirvana)
7. Ajisai Dori (Spitz)
8. Pan in "A" Minor (Amoco Renegades Steel Orchestra)
9. Add It Up (The Kinks)
10. Because It's There (Michael Hedges)


joyce said...

what a cool footbridge! i miss being near water...all we have out here in CO are reservoirs!! :(

keauxgeigh said...

and what is in those reservoirs, Joyce? j/k, I know what you mean. but you have mountains, man! The Rockies rule!

joyce said...

yeah...the rockies are pretty cool. :) especially when they're covered in snow!

Rocco said...

Enjoying the photos and eclectic music selections. We are thinking of taking a job in Xindian, so your photos are a big fish eye help!