Wednesday, September 26, 2007

commute photo essay - Fuhe Bridge exit

This abandoned motor scooter has been here for a while. It takes the authorities a while to dispose of abandoned motor scooters. You can still see the ramp leading from the riverside bikeway in this lomo.

The maze of elevated freeways immediately upon exiting the riverside bikeways is a quick reminder of how nice it is to be a cyclist, and not a fossil-fuel guzzling internal combustion engine slave. That's a drainage channel down there, and homeless people camp out in those concrete hovels at the lower left.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. For Your Life (Led Zeppelin)
2. Nagisa no Bird Watching (The Bubble Gum Brothers)
3. Stay (Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories)
4. Sunburnt (764-HERO)
5. Your Next Bold Move (Ani DiFranco)
6. Ajisai Dori (Spitz)
7. Super Bad (James Brown)
8. Funny Honey ("Chicago")
9. 1984 (live) (David Bowie)
10. Get Off the Internet (Le Tigre)

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