Friday, September 14, 2007

commute photo essay - reverse view


DOH! Damn camera strap! This is a curious footbridge. It goes over the bike path! There's also a flight of stairs on the other side. Alright, it also goes over the flood wall, but come on!


Double Doh! OK, I think I've gotten taking shots with the camera strap in the shot out of my system. No more!

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Silverfuck (live in London, 1994) (Smashing Pumpkins)
2. The Emperor's New Clothes (Sinead O'Connor)
3. Thunder and Lightning (Phil Collins)
4. White Gold (Metric)
5. After Today (David Bowie)
6. The Ballad of Guiteau ("Assassins" - Sondheim)
7. If God Will Send His Angels (U2)
8. Groovin' High (Dizzy Gillespie & His Orchestra)
9. Show 'Em Whatcha Got (Public Enemy)
10. Witch (Belly)


joyce said... can start a whole new section of camera strap pics!

keauxgeigh said...

yea, it deserves its own spinoff series by now, haha!

melicacy said...

ahh the green looks good!!
what film're you using btw?

keauxgeigh said...

thanks. I just use ordinary Fujica Superia. I want to try other kinds of film, though.