Saturday, September 01, 2007

commute photo essay - riverside bikeways II

We're going in sequence here. I love talking technical. This is one of the many basketball courts along the riverside parks, just past the Beixing Road Bridge in the background. This was shot on a nice sunny (hot!) day, almost a month before I undertook this project.

Kilometer marker, actually just a little bit down, and a bit useless, and not only because something or someone keeps knocking this one over. But the 7.5km mark is measured from a starting point way out in Muzha, by the Taipei Zoo, going along the Jingmei River. And as I mentioned, the bikeways aren't contiguous. So it's the 7.5km. Who cares? What does that mean? What is it doing here? What am I doing here?

In the background along the wall is an access gate. During major typhoons they close the gate in case of flooding.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Oklahoma U.S.A. (The Kinks)
2. Kooks (David Bowie)
3. Kyouryu no Egakigata (Hajime Chitose)
4. A Love Bizarre (live) (Michael Hedges)
5. The Right Profile (The Clash)
6. Twentieth Century Fox (The Doors)
7. Surly Demise (Shannon Wright)
8. Early to Bed (Morphine)
9. Holy Night (Nokko)
10. The Air (Modest Mouse)

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