Monday, November 26, 2007


Along the riverside bikeways. Squat toilets are still found everywhere in Taiwan. I'm kinda glad I didn't take this in time to be in the commute essay, although it is one of the sights along the way. I don't know what they're called in Mandarin, but it cracks me up how the idea is so easily translatable into English!

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Minna no Uta (Southern All-Stars)
2. Underachievers Fight and March Song (Archers of Loaf)
3. Evaporation (Shriekback)
4. Moonchild (Cibo Matto)
5. Tide of Fate (J Church)
6. Precious Things (Tori Amos)
7. King of the Kerb (Echobelly)
8. Gun Street Girl (live) (Tom Waits)
9. Two of Us (The Beatles)
10. Vajracchedika Prajna Paramita Sutra, pts. 13-14 (Imee Ooi)


joyce said...

you should go to that new toilet restaurant in taipei. yes, it made the news here. :-/

keauxgeigh said...

Ah yes, I've caught glimpses of it on the local news. The English media wasn't so keen on picking it up. I thought it was a South Korean thing.