Thursday, January 24, 2008

From on high

November 28, 2007 - Kaohsiung, Taiwan. From the, er, 7th floor of my uncle's building. It used to be the 8th floor. The building was built in a time that was more superstitious and many buildings didn't have a 4th floor. The Chinese word for 4 is a homonym with the word for death. Oh, I guess it's the same in some Western cultures that believe the number 13 is unlucky. They often don't have 13th floors.

Down that street down there they're building a station for the Kaohsiung MRT subway line. They've been at it for over three years, and they look no where near done.

December 17, 2007 - Taipei, Taiwan, from an upper floor of the new Sogo Department Store. The original Sogo is the white building at the upper right and remains open. The intersection down there is Zhongxiao East Road and Fuxing North Road, and that's an MRT line along Fuxing North Road.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. Mr. Soul (Neil Young)
2. Can't Stand Losing You (live) (The Police)
3. I Remember the Sun (XTC)
4. I Would Hurt a Fly (Built to Spill)
5. Seen and Not Seen (Talking Heads)
6. You're the Wish You Are I Had (XTC)
7. No No Birdy (Southern All-Stars)
8. 也許明天 (A-Mei)
9. Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats (Genesis)
10. Aero Zeppelin (Nirvana)

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