Monday, January 21, 2008

Taipei tourist landmarks

November 17, 2007 - Grand Hotel with entrance gate, in either the Shilin district or Yuanshan district, I'm a little unclear. I think I heard it was in the Yuanshan district, but it would then be separated from the rest of the Yuanshan district by what should be a natural border between Yuanshan and Shilin - the Keelung River. And actually I don't think Yuanshan is a district, it's the area south of the Keelung River and there's a MRT station named after it. So maybe it's in the Shilin district, but is also considered within the Yuanshan area.

December 4, 2007 - National Palace Museum. I dunno. I guess I've been uninspired lately. It took the longest time to finish this roll, I almost ran out of shots to post on the previous roll, and the shots are a hodge-podge of randomness. Or they're just off, like this one. Or both of these. The angle is all wrong in the first one, and in the second one I should have gone up a few more steps to not only get the writing on the window, but more of the museum building up there. Bleah.

iTunes soundtrack:
1. I Get Wild/Wild Gravity (Talking Heads)
2. The Seven Sisters (Rainer Maria)
3. Kyoshui (KODO Drummers)
4. That Dirty Old Man ("A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" - Sondheim)
5. End of the Night (The Doors)
6. If He Really Knew Me ("They're Playing Our Song")
7. 42 (Sodaneva - Japanese underground)
8. Hitsuji no Dolly (Chitose Hajime)
9. A Different City (Modest Mouse)
10. Ruthie's Knocking (Throwing Muses)

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